FPG Data Management and Analysis Center

The Data Management and Analysis Center (DMAC) provides high quality study design, data management, and statistical analysis to single and multiple-site projects. We have specialized in data management and analysis for longitudinal projects for the past 30 years, and are currently providing support for over 50 projects.

The DMAC specializes in:

  • Professional research database management
    • Secure electronic data collection
    • Quality assurance practices in data entry and processing
    • Centralized study management systems
  • Longitudinal study design and data analysis
    • Power analyses for study designs
    • Growth curve analyses (HLM & SEM)
    • Person-centered approaches

Please contact Dr. Margaret Burchinal (peg.burchinal@unc.edu) or Elizabeth Gunn (elizabeth.gunn@unc.edu) if you are interested in using our services.

See List of Services for an overview of the unit and services provided.

See DMAC Data Centers for a list of projects that have or are using DMAC.

See Standard Operating Procedures for the DMAC performance standards for data management and analysis.

See Contact Us for DMAC contact information.

See Staff Directory for a listing of the current DMAC staff.