Reaching Potentials Through Recommended Practices: Observation Scale – Home Visiting

Trivette, C. M., & Jones, A.
February, 2015

This document provides an assessment tool for coaches to use for assessing a practitioner's strengths and needs in the implementation of a set of Division for Early Childhood (DEC) Recommended Practices (RPs) within their home visiting supports to families. In order to gain a full understanding of the practices used by the Home Visitor, the scale should be completed after observing at least two home visits with the target family. At least one of these observations should be live (the second observation can be videotaped) if possible. Depending on the program, some home visits will last 60 minutes and others 90 minutes. As coaches observe, they make notes in the comment section in order to have a good set of reminders at the end of the observation.

Citation: Trivette, C. M., & Jones, A. (2015). Reaching potentials through recommended practices: Observation scale - home visiting (RP2 OS-HV). Retrieved from