Race, Ethnicity, Linguistic, Cultural, and Socioeconomic Diversity

Nationwide, children of diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, socioeconomic, and linguistic backgrounds are too often viewed as challenging, “at-risk,” and of limited intellectual capacity. Wide disparities in achievement bear witness to the ways in which the educational and social systems have failed those most in need of support. Historic discrimination coupled with changing demographics necessitates clear and intentional efforts to support young children who are racially and ethnically diverse in achieving their personal, academic, and economic potential. A primary mission of FPG is to generate knowledge about the social context in which children of color live, establish programs that produce positive outcomes for those children and their families, and use the knowledge to prepare teachers and caregivers to provide the best possible environment for promoting development and success. FPG's longstanding Race, Culture, and Ethnicity Committee elevates awareness, promotes dialogue, and facilitates a positive work climate, while fostering the development of culturally attuned and culturally relevant work.