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Date Published: 07/06/2018

Reserve Your Space in the October 21-25 Reliability Training

Presenters: Tracey West and Carla Fenson, Certified ICP™ trainers.

Target audience: Preschool coordinators, administrators, professional development (PD) providers, coaches, data assessors, and researchers

About the Inclusive Classroom Profile (ICP™):The ICP™ is a structured observation rating scale designed to assess the quality of classroom practices in early childhood settings that support the developmental needs of children 2 - 5 years old with disabilities. Read more...The ICP is available for purchase through Brookes Publishing Co. Inc.

FPG offers two levels of training and certification on the ICP™.

Level I Training: Overview Session, October 21, 2019

This 4-hour overview session (1:00 - 5:00 pm) provides basic information on how to administer and score the ICP. For participants intending to use the ICP for evaluation, research, or grant funded professional development, Level II: Reliability Training is strongly recommended.

Registration fee: $150. *Please see the “Important Information” below before registering.

Level II: Reliability Training (prerequisite: Level I Training), October 21 – 25,

The Level I: Overview Session (required for reliability training) takes place on Monday, with Level II: Reliability Training immediately following on Tuesday-Friday. Participants complete the Level II: Reliability Training through classroom practice and feedback over these four additional days (8:00-4:00 pm).

Reliability Training involves four classroom observation visits for each participant in an inclusive classroom with an ICP certified trainer, a three-hour debriefing session with an ICP certified trainer following each classroom visit, and an assessment of reliability, according to the ICP official reliability criteria.

Participants who complete the four-day Level II: Reliability Training and meet the reliability criteria receive Certification of ICP Reliability, official recognition by the ICP author that the participant is a qualified, reliable, and proficient user of the ICP.

Registration fee: $1,859.00 (see below for important information).

Important Information

Payment by credit card: We accept Visa and MasterCard. Please have your card number and billing address handy to avoid a timeout in the registration system. When you are in the UNC registration system please do not use the back button because it will automatically erase all of the information you have entered.

Payment by check: If you are paying by check please make the check payable to: UNC-Chapel Hill

Mail Check to:

UNC-FPG Child Development Institute
517 S. Greensboro Street
CB: 8040
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-8040
Attn: Barbara Lowery

Please be aware that it is time-consuming to process a refund if that should become necessary (e.g., sickness or cancellation), so we request that when possible you have an alternate identified to take your place in case you cannot attend.

Cancellation policy for the Level I Overview only: Participants who cancel their registrations will receive a refund of the registration fee minus a $30 administrative charge. To cancel, please email the PDC@FPG.

Cancellation policy for the five-day Level I and Level II combined training: Participants who cancel their registration prior to five days before the first day of the workshop will receive a refund of the registration fee minus a $115 administrative charge. Participants who cancel within five business days of the first day of the workshop will receive a refund of 50% of the registration fee. To cancel, please email the PDC@FPG.

UNC reserves the right to cancel any training program that is undersold. If an event is canceled, a full refund will be granted. Participants traveling to North Carolina by air are urged to confirm that the training will be held prior to purchasing non-refundable airline tickets.

Location: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute. Listed below are the locations of the two buildings where the ICP training will be held during the week of October 21-25, 2019.

  • Sheryl Mar North is located at: 517 S. Greensboro Street, Carrboro, NC 27510
  • Sheryl Mar South is located at: 521 S. Greensboro Street, Carrboro, NC 27510


To reserve your space in the Level I training visit:

To reserve your space in the Level II training visit: