Partnership With Casey Family Programs and Colorado Department of Human Services to Develop a Predictive Analytics Practice Model to Reduce Children's Reentry Into Foster Care

The Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Child Welfare (DCW) has partnered with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s National Implementation Resource Network (NIRN), Casey Family Programs, and Eckerd to develop and pilot a predictive analytics plus coaching practice model to address reentry of children/youth to foster care. The desired outcome of these efforts is to reduce the number of children/youth requiring subsequent child welfare involvement and/or reentry into foster care. NIRN will support this effort through the following tasks: 1) virtually support the ongoing development of the Exploration and Implementation Teams; 2) support the identification of core components for the practice model for sustainable permanency; 3) continue a limited diagnostic phase, support the development of an implementation plan; 4) participate in meeting; and 5) provide documentation.

FPG Project Staff:
Allison J. Metz, Principal Investigator
Leah H. Bartley, Co-Principal Investigator
Dale L. Cusumano, Co-Principal Investigator
Amanda B. Farley, Implementation Associate
Funding Agency: Casey Family Programs
Funding Period: 01/01/2018 - 12/31/2018
Award Amount: $75,000