Our Donors

Each year we receive gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations that make FPG's life-changing work on behalf of children and families possible.
To each and every one of our donors, we say, "Thank you!"
If you would like to make a gift to FPG and see your name on this list next year, please visit the Support FPG page.

2017-2018 Donor Honor Roll

Gifts to FPG between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018

Eva Aagaard
Jeffery A. and Kristine M. Alpi
Karen Alpi
Tariq Alsoqairan
Auto Logic
Susan Baber
John R. and Jill E. Balogh
Nanette Baltazar
Aysenil Belger and Murat O. Arcasoy
Steven L. and Ann U. Bell
Janet B. Blacher and Bruce L. Baker
Karen A. Blase
Brian A. Boyd
Brookes Publishing Company
Elizabeth and Dario Bruno
Donna M. Bryant and Donald M. Stanford
Timothy Burke
Carol Burmeister
Gregory M. and Kimberly S. Burress
Frances A. and B. J. Campbell
Peggy C. Carter
William P. Cheshire and Judith A. Tunstall*
Antonela Ciupe
Nicholas and Kay O. Colangelo
Mary Ruth B. and Philip D. Coleman*
Maggie Connolly
Beth Courtney
Kimberly Craffey
Joan C. Danaher
Christiane Dechert
Teresa Dodd
Kenneth A. Dodge and Claudia K. Jones*
Clara Dominguez
Jessica R. Dykstra-Steinbrenner
Trinity M. Edwards
Yesenia A. Ferran
William O. Fleming and William G. Lang
Helen Fuller
Edwin W. Fuller
Brian J. and Elisabeth F. Gallagher
Gertrude C. Gallagher*
Sean and Nancie S. Gallagher*
Shelagh A. Gallagher
LaDaniel Gatling
Malgorzata Gizinska
Jenny Gustafson
Margaret J. Hall
Laura J. Hall
Dylan T. Hardwick
Kathleen A. Hearsey and Lauren C. Stevens
Norma Hernandez
Adam L. and Lindsay W. Holland
Caroline B. Hornburg
Olson Huff
David R. Hume
Kara A. Hume
Andrew Hume
Robert H. and Debbie Jenkins
Shaden Kassar
Elizabeth Keane
Joann Kusk
Todd Lile

Chih-Ing Lim
Fang H. Lim
Elena F. Mapley
Tarry L. Marsh and Matoka D. Nixon
Meghan J. Matthews
Tina M. McAlpin
William P. and Dianne P. McDowell
June Melchior
Gary B. and Laurie L. Mesibov*
John and Kelly Milia
Carla C. Mollica
Evelyn K. Moore
Kristi L. Morin
Duncan E. Munn
Melissa R. Newsome
Ian Nisonson
Kara O'Brien
Samuel L. Odom*
John G. Olley
Judith P. Owen
Ellen Pearsall
Carolina Perez
James M. Perrin
Twyla Y. Perryman
Elizabeth Peterson
Patrick D. Polinski
Ju-Tsun Pomposello
Karen W. Ponder*
Jennifer R. Reilly
Melissa L. Reynolds
David B. and Stephanie M. Ridley
Susan D. Russell and Thomas R. Konrad
Jacqueline Russo-Campisi
Natalie Saldana
Ann M. Sam
Ruth Schallert
Laura N. Schoedler
Evelyn F. Shaw
David M. Shaw
Kristen Sheridan
Patrick O. Shores
Michael Shores
Rebecca Silva
Gangashree Somayajula
Joseph J. and Marilyn C. Sparling*
Donald J. and Helen C. Stedman
Kristen R. Stephens and Richard A. Kozak
Donna P. Stevenson
Allison Story
Brianne R. Tomaszewski
Danilo and Lidia Tramontozzi
H. R. and Ann P. Turnbull
Sharanya S. Uchil
Rhonda J. Wagner
Chris Watkins
Linda R. and Joel Watson
Gwyneth Wenlock
Trina Westerlund
Leslie Williams
Jane A. Worlock
Shuting Zheng
Allison P. and Ted D. Zoller

* Director's Circle donors contribute $1,000 or more annually to FPG.