Our Donors

Each year we receive gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations that make FPG's life-changing work on behalf of children and families possible.
To each and every one of our donors, we say, "Thank you!"
If you would like to make a gift to FPG and see your name on this list next year, please visit the Support FPG page.

2018-2019 Donor Honor Roll

Gifts to FPG between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019

William A. and Martha G. Aldridge
Allied Associates in Mental Health, Inc.
Jeffery A. Alpi
Kristine M. Alpi
Betsy C. Ayankoya
Donald B. and Pamela W. Bailey*
Aysenil Belger and Murat O. Arcasoy#
Steven L. and Ann U. Bell
Kylie G. Bezdek
Donna M. Bryant and Donald M. Stanford
Margaret R. Burchinal
Peggy C. Carter
William P. Cheshire and Judith A. Tunstall*
Antonela Ciupe
Lea M. Cochran
Mary Ruth B. and Philip D. Coleman
Geoffrey S. and Sneha S. Coltrane
Regina A. Craven
Jessica R. Dykstra Steinbrenner
Larry and Sarah C. Erwich
William O. Fleming and William G. Lang
Tiffany J. Foster
Terisa P. Gabrielsen
Gertrude C. Gallagher
Kevin C. and Peggy Lee A. Gallagher
Sean and Nancie S. Gallagher*
LaDaniel Gatling
Andrews and Anne L. Goddard
Kerrie N. Gordon
Robert W. Hart
Ronald T. Haskins*
Lyndsey L. Hilbun
Sherika N. Hill
Adam L. and Lindsay W. Holland#
Sheng Huang

Thomas and Marie M. Huff
Robert H. and Debbie Jenkins
Susan Kamp
Amelia Krysinski
Chih-Ing Lim
Mary E. Mayo
June Melchior
Gary B. and Laurie L. Mesibov*
Jack S. Miller
Evelyn K. Moore
Shenisha Moses
Melissa R. Newsome
Erica L. Nouri
Judith P. Owen
Carol L. Perry
Karen W. and Wade H. Ponder*
Samuel E. Poole
Joan Ralph
Stephanie M. and David B. Ridley#
Karen F. Roll
Estate of John E. Rucker
Susan D. Russell and Thomas R. Konrad
Jacqueline Russo-Campisi#
Ruth Schallert
Laura N. Schoedler#
Gifford Scott
Rebecca Silva
Margaret M. Swingler
Gwen G. and Jonathan M. Van Ark
Sarah E. Wackerhagen
Christoffer Wärnbring
Linda R. and Joel Watson
Julia C. Weber
Tracey A. West
Noreen M. and Paul K. Yazejian#
Sabrina Zadrozny

* Director's Circle donors contribute $1,000 or more annually to FPG.
# Sustainers make recurring monthly contributions to FPG.