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Executive Leadership Board

The Executive Leadership Board was established in 2001 as an advisory board to guide the UNC Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute in its mission to conduct research that makes a difference in children's lives, supports families, and informs public policy. Board members provide strategic advice to the Institute's director and leadership team, work to enhance communication with key external partners and constituencies, and support the Institute's efforts to build an enduring financial base.

The Board is comprised of influential leaders who are knowledgeable about the most important challenges facing young children, their families, and the institutions that serve children and families. Board members represent key constituencies, including business, governmental, philanthropic, public, and professional sectors. These individuals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our organization, and we are grateful for their service.

Current Board Members

Emma S. Battle
President and CEO
MarketVigor, LLC

Renée Boynton-Jarrett
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Boston Medical Center

Ashton Wheeler Clemmons
Representative, 57th House District
North Carolina General Assembly

Julie Y. Cronin
Assistant General Counsel
North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

Amy Stephens Cubbage
The North Carolina Partnership for Children/Smart Start

Kenneth A. Dodge*
William McDougall Distinguished Professor of Public Policy Studies
Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University

Muffy Grant
Executive Director
North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation

Ron Haskins*
Senior Fellow Emeritus
The Brookings Institution

Olson Huff*
Medical Director Emeritus
Mission Children's Hospital

Deborah J. Johnson
Professor, Human Development and Family Studies
Michigan State University

Marvin H. McKinney*
Senior Consultant, University Outreach and Engagement
Michigan State University

Duncan E. Munn*
Formerly, Early Intervention Branch
North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

Dipesh Navsaria
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
University of Wisconsin-Madison

James M. Perrin
John C. Robinson Chair in Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
Massachusetts General Hospital

Cheryl Polk
Chief Program Officer
Safe and Sound

Karen Ponder*
Distinguished Fellow
BUILD Initiative

Rhodus Riggins Jr.
Quality Enhancement Coordinator, Education Quality Improvement and Professional Development Project (EQuIPD)
UNC Greensboro

Mark F. Testa
Distinguished Professor Emeritus
School of Social Work, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Rob Thompson
Director, Early Childhood
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation

Jonathan Todres
Distinguished University Professor and Professor of Law
Georgia State University College of Law

Elizabeth Star Winer
Winer Family Foundation

Charlene Wong
Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Public Policy
Duke University

Tracy Zimmerman
Deputy Secretary for Policy, Strategy, and External Engagement
North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

*Emeritus members

Past Board Members

Maya K. Ajmera (2001-2007)

W. Steven Barnett (2008-2019)

Grace Baranek (2019-2022)

Tamara P. Barringer (2014-2018)

Barbara T. Bowman (2009-2020)

Brian Boyd (2019-2023)

Elizabeth Pungello Bruno (2014-2022)

Peggy C. Carter (2002-2020)

John R. Edwards (2001-2006)

Eugene E. Garcia (2014-2018)

Karen C. Hall (2020-2022)

Stewart J. Hudson (2008-2012)

Gregg E. Ireland (2001-2006)

Lori A. Ireland (2001-2006)

Liz Jaramillo (2020-2022)

Hal Kaplan (2007-2020)

Eleanor G. Kinnaird (2008-2014)

Thomas W. Lambeth (2001-2007)

David Lawrence Jr. (2008-2019)

Howard N. Lee (2001-2020)

Michael L. Lopez (2014-2019)

Evelyn K. Moore (2001-2020)

Adele Richardson Ray (2001-2006)

Timothy P. Shriver (2001-2006)

Donald J. Stedman (2007-2017)

Charles S. Stone Jr. (2001-2005)

John A. Tate Jr. (2001-2004)

Marjorie W. Tate (2001-2004)

Vanessa A. Wittman (2001-2007)