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Use of the Home Language in Preschool Classrooms and First- and Second-Language Development Among Dual-Language Learners Raikes, H. H., White, L., Green, S., Burchinal, M., Kainz, K., Horm, D., Bingham, G., Cobo-Lewis, A., St. Clair, L., Greenfield, D., & Esteraich, J. 2019 Journal Articles
Broadening the Definition of Collaboration in Early Care and Education Soliday Hong, S., Yazejian, N., Guss, S., Stein, A., Connors, M., Horm, D., & Kainz, K. 2019 Journal Articles
Preliminary Efficacy of Family Implemented TEACCH for Toddlers: Effects on Parents and Their Toddlers With Autism Spectrum Disorder Turner-Brown, L., Hume, K., Boyd, B. A., & Kainz, K. 2016 Journal Articles
Requiring School Districts to Spend Comparable Amounts on Title I Schools Is Pushing on a String Dynarski, M., & Kainz, K. 2016 Reports and Policy Briefs
Co-Production: It's All About Relationships Kainz, K. 2016 Other Resources
Causal Thinking for Embedded, Integrated Implementation Research Kainz, K., & Metz, A. 2016 Journal Articles
Implementing Educational Innovations at Scale: Transforming Researchers Into Continuous Improvement Scientists Cohen-Vogel, L., Tichnor-Wagner, A., Allen, D., Harrison, C., Kainz, K., Socol, A. R., & Wang, Q. 2015 Journal Articles
A Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Vocabulary Approach for Young Latino Dual Language Learners Méndez, L. I., Crais, E. R., Castro, D. C., & Kainz, K. 2015 Journal Articles
Building Trust to Implement Evidence-Based Education Kirsten L. Kainz 2015 Other Resources
Continuous Improvement as an Ideal for Improving Teaching and Teaching Evaluation Kainz, K., Cohen-Vogel, L., & Harrison, C. 2015 Journal Articles
Why Federal Spending on Disadvantaged Students (Title I) Doesn't Work Dynarski, M., & Kainz, K. 2015 Reports and Policy Briefs
Segregated School Effects on First Grade Reading Gains: Using Propensity Score Matching to Disentangle Effects for African-American, Latino, and European-American Students Kainz, K., & Pan, Y. 2014 Journal Articles
Development of Student-Teacher Relationships in Rural Early Elementary Classrooms Gallagher, K. C., Kainz, K., Vernon-Feagans, L., & White, K. M. 2013 Journal Articles
Snapshot 69 FPG Child Development Institute 2013 Snapshots
Live Webcam Coaching to Help Early Elementary Classroom Teachers Provide Effective Literacy Instruction for Struggling Readers: The Targeted Reading Intervention Vernon-Feagans, L., Kainz, K., Hedrick, A., Ginsberg, M., & Amendum, S. 2013 Journal Articles
Adult Outcomes as a Function of an Early Childhood Educational Program: An Abecedarian Project Follow-Up Campbell, F. A., Pungello, E. P., Burchinal, M., Kainz, K., Pan, Y., Wasik, B. H., Barbarin, O. A., Sparling, J. J., & Ramey, C. T. 2012 Journal Articles
Snapshot 66 FPG Child Development Institute 2012 Snapshots
Modeling Family Economic Conditions and Young Children's Development in Rural United States: Implications for Poverty Research Kainz, K., Willoughby, M. T., Vernon-Feagans, L., Burchinal, M. R., & the Family Life Project Investigators 2012 Journal Articles
Targeted Reading Intervention: A Coaching Model to Help Classroom Teachers With Struggling Readers Vernon-Feagans, L., Kainz, K., Amendum, S., Ginsberg, M., Wood, T., & Bock, A. 2012 Journal Articles
Identifying Profiles of Quality in Home-Based Child Care Forry, N. D., Iruka, I., Kainz, K., Tout, K., Torquati, J., Susman-Stillman, A., Bryant, D., Starr, R., & Smith, S. 2012 Reports and Policy Briefs
How Well Do Our Measures of Quality Predict Child Outcomes? A Meta-Analysis and Coordinated Analysis of Data From Large-Scale Studies of Early Childhood Settings Burchinal, M., Kainz, K., & Cai, Y. 2011 Books and Book Chapters
The Transition to School in Rural America: A Focus on Literacy Vernon-Feagans, L., Gallagher, K. C., & Kainz, K. 2010 Books and Book Chapters
A Diagnostic Teaching Intervention for Classroom Teachers: Helping Struggling Readers in Early Elementary School Vernon-Feagans, L., Gallagher, K., Ginsberg, M. C., Amendum, S., Kainz, K., Rose, J., & Burchinal, M. 2010 Journal Articles
Early Educational Intervention, Early Cumulative Risk, and the Early Home Environment as Predictors of Young Adult Outcomes Within a High-Risk Sample Pungello, E. P., Kainz, K., Burchinal, M., Wasik, B. H., Sparling, J. J., Ramey, C. T., & Campbell, F. A. 2010 Journal Articles
Student-Teacher Relationships: Keys to Unlocking Learning Gallagher, K. C., & Kainz, K. 2009 Journal Articles