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Implementation Teams: A Stakeholder View of Leading and Sustaining Change Metz, A., & Bartley, L. 2020 Books and Book Chapters
Putting Family First: Developing an Evidence-Based Child Welfare Preventive Practice Model Metz, A., Bartley, L., Farley, A., Citrin, A., Martin, M., & Flynn-Khan, M. 2020 Reports and Policy Briefs
Co-Creative Technical Assistance: Essential Functions and Interim Outcomes Yazejian, N., Metz, A., Morgan, J., Louison, L., Bartley, L., Fleming, W. O., Haidar, L., & Schroeder, J. 2019 Journal Articles
Co-Creating the Conditions to Sustain the Use of Research Evidence in Public Child Welfare Metz, A., & Bartley, L. 2017 Journal Articles
An Integrated Stage-Based Framework for Implementation of Early Childhood Programs and Systems Metz, A., Naoom, S. F., Halle, T., & Bartley, L. 2015 Reports and Policy Briefs
Active Implementation Frameworks for Successful Service Delivery: Catawba County Child Wellbeing Project Metz, A., Bartley, L., Ball, H., Wilson, D., Naoom, S., & Redmond, P. 2015 Journal Articles
Technical Assistance: A Comparison Between Providers and Recipients Rushovich, B. R., Bartley, L. H., Steward, R. K., & Bright, C. L. 2015 Journal Articles
The Key Components of Successful Implementation Metz, A., Halle, T., Bartley, L., & Blasberg, A. 2013 Books and Book Chapters
Considering Statewide Professional Development Systems Through an Implementation Lens Tout, K., Metz, A., & Bartley, L. 2013 Books and Book Chapters
Active Implementation Frameworks for Program Success: How to Use Implementation Science to Improve Outcomes for Children Metz, A., & Bartley, L. 2012 Journal Articles
Using Implementation Science to Support and Align Practice and System Change: A Case Study of the Catawba County Child Wellbeing Project Metz, A., Blase, K., Bartley, L., Wilson, D., Redmond, P., & Malm, K. 2012 Reports and Policy Briefs