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North Carolina Statewide Birth-5 Needs Assessment Final Report Franco, X., Yazejian, N., LaForett, D., Peisner-Feinberg, E., Kasprzak, C. M., Bryant, D. M., Williams, S. B., Loza, S., De Marco, A., Soliday Hong, S., Bratsch-Hines, M., Harradine, C., Reid, K., & Zgourou, E. 2020 Reports and Policy Briefs
Family Engagement and Collective Impact Initiatives: A Literature Brief Jensen, T. M., & UNC Developmental Evaluation Team 2020 Other Resources
The Educare Intervention: Outcomes at Age 3 Yazejian, N., Bryant, D. M., Kuhn, L. J., Burchinal, M., Horm, D., Hans, S., File, N., & Jackson, B. 2020 Journal Articles
The Relation Between Classroom Age Composition and Children's Language and Behavioral Outcomes: Examining Peer Effects Foster, T. J., Burchinal, M., & Yazejian, N. 2020 Journal Articles
Co-Creative Technical Assistance: Essential Functions and Interim Outcomes Yazejian, N., Metz, A., Morgan, J., Louison, L., Bartley, L., Fleming, W. O., Haidar, L., & Schroeder, J. 2019 Journal Articles
Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale, Third Edition (FCCERS-3) Harms, T., Cryer, D., Clifford, R. M., & Yazejian, N. 2019 Assessments and Instruments
Broadening the Definition of Collaboration in Early Care and Education Soliday Hong, S., Yazejian, N., Guss, S., Stein, A., Connors, M., Horm, D., & Kainz, K. 2019 Journal Articles
Forty Years of Measuring Quality With the Environment Rating Scales Clifford, R. M., Yazejian, N., Cryer, D., & Harms, T. 2019 Journal Articles
Child and Parenting Outcomes After 1 Year of Educare Yazejian, N., Bryant, D. M., Hans, S., Horm, D., St. Clair, L., File, N., & Burchinal, M. 2017 Journal Articles
WCHL Interviews Noreen Yazejian on the Impact of a Single Year in Educare Schools Noreen Yazejian 2017 Multimedia
Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale, Third Edition (ITERS-3) Harms, T., Cryer, D., Clifford, R. M., & Yazejian, N. 2017 Assessments and Instruments
Educare: A Model for US Early Childhood Services Horm, D., Yazejian, N., Kennel, P., & Jackson, C. D. S. 2017 Books and Book Chapters
Addressing Adversity to Support Family and Child Well Being Guss, S., Jones-Harden, B., Yazejian, N., Weeden, S., & Ladner, J. 2016 Journal Articles
Associations of Adversity to Indicators of Child Well Being in a High Quality Early Education Context Guss, S., Jones-Harden, B., Stein, A., Yazejian, N., & Forestieri, N. 2016 Journal Articles
Associations Among Tiered Quality Rating and Improvement System Supports and Quality Improvement Yazejian, N., & Iruka, I. U. 2015 Journal Articles
High-Quality Early Education: Age of Entry and Time in Care Differences in Student Outcomes for English-Only and Dual Language Learners Yazejian, N., Bryant, D., Freel, K., Burchinal, M., & the Educare Learning Network (ELN) Investigative Team 2015 Journal Articles
NewsRadio 680 WPTF Interviews Noreen Yazejian on Major Findings from FPG's Research on Educare Schools Yazejian, Noreen 2015 Multimedia
NewsRadio 680 WPTF Interviews Noreen Yazejian on Educare Schools' High Impact on Dual-Language Learners Yazejian, Noreen 2015 Multimedia
Evaluation of Mississippi Child Care Quality Stars Program De Marco, A., Yazejian, N., & Morgan, J. 2015 Reports and Policy Briefs
Embedded, Collaborative, Comprehensive: One Model of Data Utilization Yazejian, N., & Bryant, D. 2013 Journal Articles
Implementation and Replication of the Educare Model of Early Childhood Education Yazejian, N., Bryant, D., & Kennel, P. 2013 Books and Book Chapters
Research With Young Children Yazejian, N., & Goldman, B. D. 2013 Journal Articles
Measuring the Quality and Quantity of Implementation in Early Childhood Interventions Downer, J., & Yazejian, N. 2013 Reports and Policy Briefs
Educare Implementation Study Findings–August 2012 Yazejian, N., & Bryant, D. M. 2012 Reports and Policy Briefs
Research on Program Quality: The Evidence Base Peisner-Feinberg, E. S., & Yazejian, N. 2010 Books and Book Chapters