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Examining Linguistic Interactions of Dual Language Learners Using the Language Interaction Snapshot (LISn) Franco, X., Bryant, D. M., Gillanders, C., Castro, D. C., Zepeda, M., & Willoughby, M. T. 2019 Journal Articles
Associations Between Continuity of Care in Infant-Toddler Classrooms and Child Outcomes Horm, D. M., File, N., Bryant, D., Burchinal, M., Raikes, H., Forestieri, N., Encinger, A., & Cobo-Lewis, A. 2018 Journal Articles
Predictors of Parent-Teacher Communication During Infant Transition to Childcare in Portugal Coelho, V., Barros, S., Burchinal, M. R., Cadima, J., Pessanha, M., Pinto, A. I., Peixoto, C., & Bryant, D. M. 2018 Journal Articles
Child and Parenting Outcomes After 1 Year of Educare Yazejian, N., Bryant, D. M., Hans, S., Horm, D., St. Clair, L., File, N., & Burchinal, M. 2017 Journal Articles
Stability and Change in Teacher-Infant Interaction Quality Over Time Pessanha, M., Peixoto, C., Barros, S., Cadima, J., Pinto, A. I., Coelho, V., & Bryant, D. M. 2017 Journal Articles
Early Education of Dual Language Learners: An Efficacy Study of the Nuestros Ninos School Readiness Professional Development Program Castro, D. C., Gillanders, C., Franco, X., Bryant, D. M., Zepeda, M., Willoughby, M. T., & Mendez, L. I. 2017 Journal Articles
Infant Child Care Quality in Portugal: Associations With Structural Characteristics Barros, S., Cadima, J., Bryant, D. M., Coelho, V., Pinto, A. I., Pessanha, M., & Peixoto, C. 2016 Journal Articles
High-Quality Early Education: Age of Entry and Time in Care Differences in Student Outcomes for English-Only and Dual Language Learners Yazejian, N., Bryant, D., Freel, K., Burchinal, M., & the Educare Learning Network (ELN) Investigative Team 2015 Journal Articles
Embedded, Collaborative, Comprehensive: One Model of Data Utilization Yazejian, N., & Bryant, D. 2013 Journal Articles
Universal and Targeted Pre-Kindergarten Programmes: A Comparison of Classroom Characteristics and Child Outcomes Dotterer, A. M., Burchinal, M., Bryant, D., Early, D., & Pianta, R. C. 2013 Journal Articles
Implementation and Replication of the Educare Model of Early Childhood Education Yazejian, N., Bryant, D., & Kennel, P. 2013 Books and Book Chapters
Predictors of Quality and Child Outcomes in Family Child Care Settings Forry, N., Iruka, I., Tout, K., Torquati, J., Susman-Stillman, A., Bryant, D., & Daneri, M. P. 2013 Journal Articles
Georgia Child Care Licensing and Monitoring Study: Final Report Bryant, D., & Maxwell, K. 2013 Reports and Policy Briefs
Educare Implementation Study Findings–August 2012 Yazejian, N., & Bryant, D. M. 2012 Reports and Policy Briefs
Predictors of Global Quality in Family Child Care Homes: Structural and Belief Characteristics Hughes-Belding, K., Hegland, S., Stein, A., Sideris, J., & Bryant, D. 2012 Journal Articles
Identifying Profiles of Quality in Home-Based Child Care Forry, N. D., Iruka, I., Kainz, K., Tout, K., Torquati, J., Susman-Stillman, A., Bryant, D., Starr, R., & Smith, S. 2012 Reports and Policy Briefs
Empirical Approaches to Strengthening the Measurement of Quality: Issues in the Development and Use of Quality Measures in Research and Applied Settings Bryant, D. M., Burchinal, M., & Zaslow, M. 2011 Books and Book Chapters
Contributions of Hot and Cool Self-Regulation to Preschool Disruptive Behavior and Academic Achievement Willoughby, M. T., Kupersmidt, J. B., Voegler-Lee, M. E., & Bryant, D. 2011 Journal Articles
Senate Testimony Bryant, D. M. 2011 Other Resources
Ensuring Effective Teaching in Early Childhood Education Through Linked Professional Development Systems, Quality Rating Systems and State Competencies: The Role of Research in an Evidence-Driven System Howes, C., Pianta, R., Bryant, D., Hamre, B., Downer, J., & Soliday Hong, S. L. 2011 Books and Book Chapters
Issues in Measuring Program Quality Bryant, D. M., Zaslow, M., & Burchinal, M. 2010 Books and Book Chapters
Georgia Study of Early Care and Education: Family Child Care Findings Maxwell, K. L., Early, D. M., Bryant, D., Kraus, S., & Hume, K. 2010 Reports and Policy Briefs
How Do Pre-Kindergartners Spend Their Time? Gender, Ethnicity and Income as Predictors of Experiences in Pre-Kindergarten Classrooms Early, D. M., Iruka, I. U., Ritchie, S., Barbarin, O. A., Winn, D-M. C., Crawford, G. M., Frome, P. M., Clifford, R. M., Burchinal, M., Howes, C., Bryant, D. M., & Pianta, R. C. 2010 Journal Articles
Children's Classroom Engagement and School Readiness Gains in Prekindergarten Chien, N. C., Howes, C., Burchinal, M., Pianta, R. C., Ritchie, S., Bryant, D. M., Clifford, R. M., Early, D. M., & Barbarin, O. A. 2010 Journal Articles
Treatment Fidelity Challenges in a Five-State Consultation Study Wesley, P. W., Bryant, D., Fenson, C., Hughes, K., Tout, K., & Susman-Stillman, A. 2010 Journal Articles