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Sustaining Gains from Early Childhood Intervention: The Abecedarian Program Campbell, F. A., Pan, Y., & Burchinal, M. 2019 Books and Book Chapters
Frequency of Instructional Practices in Rural Prekindergarten Classrooms and Associations With Child Language and Literacy Skills Bratsch-Hines, M. E., Burchinal, M., Peisner-Feinberg, E., & Franco, X. 2019 Journal Articles
Associations Between Continuity of Care in Infant-Toddler Classrooms and Child Outcomes Horm, D. M., File, N., Bryant, D., Burchinal, M., Raikes, H., Forestieri, N., Encinger, A., & Cobo-Lewis, A. 2018 Journal Articles
Measuring Early Care and Education Quality Burchinal, M. 2018 Journal Articles
The Early Learning Network Research Video Series Institute of Education Sciences 2018 Multimedia
Predictors of Parent-Teacher Communication During Infant Transition to Childcare in Portugal Coelho, V., Barros, S., Burchinal, M. R., Cadima, J., Pessanha, M., Pinto, A. I., Peixoto, C., & Bryant, D. M. 2018 Journal Articles
Measuring Success: Within and Cross-Domain Predictors of Academic and Social Trajectories in Elementary School Pace, A., Alper, R., Burchinal, M. R., Golinkoff, R. M., & Hirsh-Pasek, K. 2018 Journal Articles
Depth, Persistence, and Timing of Poverty and the Development of School Readiness Skills in Rural Low-Income Regions: Results From the Family Life Project Burchinal, M., Carr, R. C., Vernon-Feagans, L., Blair, C., Cox, M., & the Family Life Project Key Investigators 2018 Journal Articles
Boosting School Readiness: Should Preschool Teachers Target Skills or the Whole Child? Jenkins, J. M., Duncan, G. J., Auger, A., Bitler, M., Domina, T., & Burchinal, M. 2018 Journal Articles
Cumulative Years of Classroom Quality From Kindergarten to Third Grade: Prediction to Children's Third Grade Literacy Skills Vernon-Feagans, L., Mokrova, I. L., Carr, R. C., Garrett-Peters, P. T., Burchinal, M. R., & the Family Life Project Key Investigators 2018 Journal Articles
Student Teaching Within Early Childhood Teacher Preparation Programs: An Examination of Key Features Across 2- and 4-Year Institutions Sumrall, T. C., Scott-Little, C., La Paro, K. M., Pianta, R. C., Burchinal, M., Hamre, B., Downer, J., & Howes, C. 2017 Journal Articles
Child and Parenting Outcomes After 1 Year of Educare Yazejian, N., Bryant, D. M., Hans, S., Horm, D., St. Clair, L., File, N., & Burchinal, M. 2017 Journal Articles
Child Care Experiences Among Dual Language Learners in the United States: Analyses of the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study-Birth Cohort Espinosa, L. M., LaForett, D. R., Burchinal, M., Winsler, A., Tien, H-C., Peisner-Feinberg, E. S., & Castro, D. C. 2017 Journal Articles
Vicarious Effort-Based Decision-Making in Autism Spectrum Disorders Mosner, M. G., Kinard, J. L., McWeeny, S., Shah, J. S., Markiewitz, N. D., Damiano-Goodwin, C. R., Burchinal, M. R., Rutherford, H. J. V., Greene, R. K., Treadway, M. T., & Dichter, G. S. 2017 Journal Articles
Puzzling It Out: The Current State of Scientific Knowledge on Pre-Kindergarten Effects Phillips, D. A., Lipsey, M. W., Dodge, K. A., Haskins, R., Bassok, D., Burchinal, M. R., Duncan, G. J., Dynarski, M., Magnuson, K. A., & Weiland, C. 2017 Reports and Policy Briefs
Early Childhood Professional Development: Coaching and Coursework Effects on Indicators of Children's School Readiness Pianta, R., Hamre, B., Downer, J., Burchinal, M., Williford, A., LoCasale-Crouch, J., Howes, C., La Paro, K., & Scott-Little, C. 2017 Journal Articles
The Early Learning Network Research Video Series: Introduction Institute of Education Sciences 2017 Multimedia
The Current State of Scientific Knowledge on Pre-Kindergarten Effects Pre-Kindergarten Task Force, including FPG executive leadership board members Kenneth A. Dodge and Ron Haskins, and FPG senior research scientist Margaret R. Burchinal 2017 Reports and Policy Briefs
Using Recognition & Response (R&R) to Improve Children's Language and Literacy Skills: Findings From Two Studies Buysse, V., Peisner-Feinberg, E., Soukakou, E., Fettig, A., Schaaf, J., & Burchinal, M. 2016 Journal Articles
Quality Thresholds, Features, and Dosage in Early Care and Education: Secondary Data Analyses of Child Outcomes Burchinal, M., Zaslow, M., & Tarullo, L. 2016 Journal Articles
Classroom Quality at Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten and Children's Social Skills and Behavior Problems Broekhuizen, M. L., Mokrova, I. L., Burchinal, M. R., Garrett-Peters, P. T., & the Family Life Project Key Investigators 2016 Journal Articles
Best Practices in Creating and Adapting Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) Rating Scales Burchinal, M., Tarullo, L., & Zaslow, M. 2016 Reports and Policy Briefs
Proposed Revisions to the Definitions for the Early Childhood Workforce in the Standard Occupational Classification Brandon, R., Burchinal, M., Kipnis, F., Weber, R., Whitebook, M., & Zaslow, M. 2016 Reports and Policy Briefs
Unpacking Intervention Effects: Teacher Responsiveness as a Mediator of Perceived Intervention Quality and Change in Teaching Practice LoCasale-Crouch, J., DeCoster, J., Cabell, S. Q., Pianta, R. C., Hamre, B. K., Downer, J. T., Hatfield, B. E., Larsen, R., Burchinal, M., Howes, C., LaParo, K., Scott-Little, C., & Roberts, A. 2016 Journal Articles
Early Childhood Education Quality and Child Outcomes in China: Evidence From Zhejiang Province Li, K., Pan, Y., Hu, B., Burchinal, M., De Marco, A., Fan, X., & Qin, J. 2016 Journal Articles