Associations of Reading Knowledge With Kindergarten and First Grade Teachers' Reported Instructional Strategies

Payne Jordan, R. L., & Bratsch-Hines, M.

From the abstract: "Teacher knowledge of reading is an important aspect of teacher quality, though limited research has investigated its associations with how classroom teachers report using instructional strategies to engage students in reading. Factor analysis of 28 instructional strategy items led to five self-reported instructional foci among 66 kindergarten and first grade teachers in the southeastern United States: discrete skills, print awareness, active learning, collaborative learning, and comprehensive instruction. Multiple regression analyses demonstrated teacher knowledge of reading was significantly associated only with comprehensive instruction, indicating more knowledgeable teachers were more likely to engage in instructional strategies that targeted multiple domains. Implications for teacher education and professional development are shared."

Citation: Payne Jordan, R. L., & Bratsch-Hines, M. (2020). Associations of reading knowledge with kindergarten and first grade teachers' reported instructional strategies. Literacy Research and Instruction, 59, 277-297.
DOI: 10.1080/19388071.2020.1774689