Chinese Preschool Teachers' Knowledge and Practice of Teacher-Child Interactions: The Mediating Role of Teachers' Beliefs About Children

Hu, B. Y., Fan, X., Yang, Y., & Neitzel, J.

From the abstract: "This study contributes to the discussion regarding the relationship between teachers' knowledge about effective teacher-child interactions, beliefs about children, and observed teacher-children interaction practice in Chinese kindergartens. Data were collected among 164 Chinese kindergarten teachers through questionnaires and classroom observations. Findings revealed: (a) the significant association between teachers' knowledge, beliefs, and emotional/instructional practice; (b) the mediating role of teachers' beliefs on the relationship between knowledge and behavioral/instructional practice; and (c) that years of teaching experience and degree are predictors for teachers' beliefs. The results offer important implications about how to prepare teachers and foster their child-centered beliefs through professional development..."

Citation: Hu, B. Y., Fan, X., Yang, Y., & Neitzel, J. (2017). Chinese preschool teachers' knowledge and practice of teacher-child interactions: The mediating role of teachers' beliefs about children. Teaching and Teacher Education, 63, 137-147.
DOI: 10.1016/j.tate.2016.12.014