A Framework for Improvement: Analyzing Performance-Assessment Scores for Evidence-Based Teacher Preparation Program Reforms

Bastian, K. C., Lys, D., & Pan, Y.

From the abstract: "Teacher candidate performance assessments represent a promising source of data for evidence-based program improvement. However, teacher preparation programs (TPPs) interested in reform face a crucial question: how to identify actionable evidence in performance-assessment data. To address this concern, we propose a two-pronged empirical framework that TPPs can use to analyze performance-assessment data. The first approach, latent class analysis, creates profiles of instructional practice by grouping candidates together based on similarities in their performance-assessment scores. This can help TPPs provide targeted supports to candidates. The second approach, predictive validity analyses, estimates relationships between candidates’ performance-assessment scores and their performance as teachers-of-record. This can help TPPs identify programmatic elements significantly related to teacher outcomes. We illustrate this framework with Educative Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) data from a Partner University and contend that the impact of performance assessments can be amplified by these common strategies for analyzing performance-assessment data."

Citation: Bastian, K. C., Lys, D., & Pan, Y. (2018). A framework for improvement: Analyzing performance-assessment scores for evidence-based teacher preparation program reforms. Journal of Teacher Education, 69, 448-462.
DOI: 10.1177/0022487118755700