A Logic Model for Educator-Level Intervention Research to Reduce Racial Disparities in Student Suspension and Expulsion

LaForett, D. R. & De Marco, A.

From the abstract: "Disproportionate rates of suspension and expulsion, evident from early childhood, for students of color relative to White peers are a significant racial equity issue in the U.S. education system, with far-reaching effects. In this article, we present a logic model for educator-level interventions that have the potential to reduce disparate discipline practices and ultimately work toward a more equitable school climate. We describe how an integrated approach to supporting all children’s constitutional right to a free public education, which is prevented by exclusionary discipline practices, must purposefully integrate social and emotional learning, classroom management, cultural competence, and racial equity approaches that target educators. Together, the integration of these approaches has the potential to impact initial, intermediate, and long-term education outcomes by enhancing educators’ practices and raising awareness of their internal and interpersonal biases and role in perpetuating institutional racism in education. We conclude with recommendations for how this logic model can be used to guide future research to further our knowledge in this area to support educators in their practice and inform educational policy."

Citation: LaForett, D. R., & De Marco, A. (2020). A logic model for educator-level intervention research to reduce racial disparities in student suspension and expulsion. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 26, 295-305.
DOI: 10.1037/cdp0000303