Profiles of Academic/Socioemotional Competence: Associations With Parenting, Home, Child Care, and Neighborhood

Iruka, I. U., De Marco, A., Garrett-Peters, P., & the Family Life Project Key Investigators

From the abstract: "Studies have highlighted the need to better understand child development in rural contexts in the first years of life. This study uses a person-centered approach to determine patterns of academic/socioemotional competence profiles at 36 months of age in a sample of 1292 children living in rural poverty in North Carolina and Pennsylvania who participated in the Family Life Project. This study explores factors that contribute to profiles of academic/socioemotional competence, including parenting behavior, and home, child care, and neighborhood environments. Three profiles of academic/socioemotional competence emerged: 1) Non-Compliant Average Achiever, 2) Unengaged Low Achiever, and 3) Engaged High Achiever. These three groups significantly differed on profile indicators and on early parenting behaviors, and home, child care, and neighborhood characteristics. Study findings have implications for understanding the different profiles of young children's academic/socioemotional competence, and the need to strengthen the early care and education environments of children in rural communities."

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Citation: Iruka, I. U., De Marco, A., Garrett-Peters, P., & the Family Life Project Key Investigators. (2018). Profiles of academic/socioemotional competence: Associations with parenting, home, child care, and neighborhood. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 54, 1-11.
DOI: 10.1016/j.appdev.2017.11.002