Resources Within Reason: Resources for Learning About and Using Recommended Environmental Practices

Catlett, C.

From the introduction: "Environmental practices, as described in the 2014 DEC Recommended Practices, “refer to aspects of the space, materials (toys, books, etc.), equipment, routines, and activities that practitioners and families can intentionally alter to support each child’s learning across developmental domains.” Environmental practices “encompass the physical environment (e.g., space, equipment, and materials), the social environment (e.g., interactions with peers, siblings, family members), and the temporal environment (e.g., sequence and length of routines and activities).”

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Citation: Catlett, C. (2016). Resources within reason: Resources for learning about and using recommended environmental practices. Young Exceptional Children, 19(1), 52-53.
DOI: 10.1177/1096250616629752