Snapshots Archive

A Portrait of Pre-Kindergarten
March, 2006
Early Intervention Contributes to Families' Quality of Life
January, 2006
Essential Skills for Early Intervention Practitioners
November, 2005
From One Class to Another: How Transitions May Affect Infants and Toddlers
September, 2005
Parent Involvement: A New Question for Head Start
August, 2005
Attention in Preschoolers: Associations With Temperament and Motivation
March, 2005
Community Design: The Next Step to an Active Society?
December, 2004
Diversity, Child Care Quality and Developmental Outcomes
September, 2004
National Study Profiles Children Entering Early Intervention
August, 2004
Otitis Media and Language: Meta-Analysis of Prospective Studies
July, 2004
New Family Literacy Handbook Integrates Overlapping Fields
July, 2004
Early Communication Intervention for Young Males With Fragile X Syndrome
June, 2004
Otitis Media in Young Children With Disabilities–Practical Strategies
May, 2004
Domestic Violence Programs and Women With Disabilities
May, 2004
Survey Examines Experiences of Families Entering Early Intervention
April, 2004
Helping Teachers Focus: Four Variables for Success
March, 2004
Family Practices and School Performance of African American Children
February, 2004
Oxytocin Effects Extend to Adult Maternal Behavior, Stress Reactivity
September, 2003
Work Environment Found 'Critical' in Interdisciplinary Practices
July, 2003
Visual Impairments: Suggestions for Early Interventionists
June, 2003
Early Childhood Special Education Research: Needs and Priorities
May, 2003
Discovering Fragile X Syndrome: Family Experiences, Perceptions
April, 2003
Perceptions of Child Care: A Cross-National Comparison
March, 2003
Gifted Education: Changing Views of Intelligence
February, 2003
Smart Start Strategies Cited That Improved Child Care Quality
January, 2003