Symptoms of Depression and Their Management Among Low-Income African-American and White Mothers in the Rural South

Cadigan, R. J., & Skinner, D.

From the abstract: "Most women (11 African-Americans and 15 Whites) reported having depressive symptoms currently or in the past. Both African-American and White women perceived the main causes of these symptoms as being relationship problems with a spouse, a partner, or a family member; lack of finances; and parenting stresses. There were no differences in the depressive symptoms African-American and White women reported, but there were differences in how they managed these symptoms and where they sought help. Most of the African-American women sought no formal treatment (i.e., pharmacotherapy and/or psychotherapy), but instead turned to their religious faith to deal with their feelings. White women were more likely to seek formal treatment."

Available here: Ethnicity & Health
Citation: Cadigan, R. J., & Skinner, D. (2015). Symptoms of depression and their management among low-income African-American and White mothers in the rural South. Ethnicity & Health, 20, 293-308.
DOI: 10.1080/13557858.2014.921889