Teacher Candidate Performance Assessments: Local Scoring and Implications for Teacher Preparation Program Improvement

Bastian, K. C., Henry, G. T., Pan, Y., & Lys, D.

From the abstract: "Locally-scored teacher candidate performance assessments offer teacher preparation programs (TPPs) formative performance data, common language and expectations, and information to guide program improvements. To best use these data, TPPs need to understand the validity and reliability of local scoring and assess whether scores predict candidates’ performance as teachers. Examining locally-scored performance assessments, we find that local scores are significantly higher than official scores. However, local scores identify three factors partially-aligned with the assessment’s construct blueprint and significantly predict teachers’ performance outcomes. These analyses provide a framework for research and highlight the utility of locally-scored performance assessments for evidence-based TPP improvement."

Citation: Bastian, K. C., Henry, G. T., Pan, Y., & Lys, D. (2016). Teacher candidate performance assessments: Local scoring and implications for teacher preparation program improvement. Teaching and Teacher Education, 59, 1-12.
DOI: 10.1016/j.tate.2016.05.008