From Theory to Practice: An Illustrative Case for Selecting Evidence-Based Practices and Building Implementation Capacity in Three Canadian Health Jurisdictions

Duda, M. A., Riopelle, R. J., & Brown, J.

From the abstract: "Using principles of Applied Implementation Science, this paper examines strategies for systematically selecting and operationalising National clinical practice guidelines and intentionally creating implementation supports to ensure high fidelity use and sustainable application and outcomes. In the spirit of participatory action research, key pan-Canadian stakeholders including funders, researchers, providers and patients were brought together around shared interests of optimal patient outcomes, improved provider performance, and continuous quality improvement of practices targeting the three most common secondary complications that patients with spinal cord injuries experience: pressure ulcers, bladder dysfunction and pain. Implementation capacity development at site and project levels will be described."

Available here: Evidence & Policy
Citation: Duda, M. A., Riopelle, R. J., & Brown, J. (2014). From theory to practice: An illustrative case for selecting evidence-based practices and building implementation capacity in three Canadian health jurisdictions. Evidence & Policy, 10, 565-577.
DOI: 10.1332/174426414X14144260932218