UNC's "Well-Said" Podcast Features Desiree Murray on Self-Regulation

a discussion about the culminating federal report in a series on self-regulation
Desiree Murray
February, 2017

UNC's "Well Said" Podcast featured FPG's Desiree Murray about the fourth and final report in a series on Self-Regulation and Toxic Stress.This and the first three reports are products of a collaboration with researchers at Duke's Center for Child and Family Policy.

From the introduction: "Self-regulation skills in childhood can be predictors of long-term outcomes from economic success to risks for substance use. In this week’s episode, we’re talking about why self-regulation is important and how to teach these skills with Desiree Murray, associate director of research at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute..."

See also:
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You also can hear and/or read WCHL Radio's story and interview with Murray.