Featured Projects

  • The National Implementation Research Network will support the implementation of the Healthy Places North Carolina (HPNC) initiative. Through HPNC, the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust seeks to create the conditions for initial, sustainable, and dramatic improvements in health in selected counties in North Carolina.
  • This project consists of planning and implementing an evaluation of The Educare Learning Network, a consortium of programs nationwide providing high quality learning environments for at-risk children from birth to 5 years. The evaluation will document the features of Educare and how implementation of the model contributes to program quality and links to child and family outcomes.
  • The goals of this project are to develop online modules that translate EBPs for children and youth with ASD identified in a recent review of the intervention literature into engaging self-learning modules and resources, and to monitor, revise, and evaluate completed modules for use, quality, usefulness, and relevance by monitoring access by learners, reviewing evaluation by users, and soliciting feedback that can contribute to needed revisions. Access to these learning materials is free.