Featured Projects

  • This project is designed to provide a statewide evaluation of the NC Pre-K Program. The primary research questions addressed include who is served by the NC Pre-K Program, what are the characteristics and quality of services provided, and what are the outcomes for children attending the program. Data are gathered from multiple sources including classroom observations, teacher surveys, child assessments, and monthly program reports.
  • FPG will develop and deploy an online course to promote inquiry and equity in PreK through third grade education. Participants in the online course will include teachers who are receiving data feedback and coaching through other FirstSchool projects as well as teachers who only take the online course.
  • This project tests the efficacy of an innovative group-based model of intervention for Toddlers and Families Together to target the early core features of ASD with the goal of improving maternal health and child developmental outcomes. Specific aims include examining the effects of TAFT on caregiver outcomes of stress, coping, support and interaction style; examining the effects of TAFT on children's engagement, behavior regulation, joint attention and play; and examining caregiver and child characteristics affecting optimal treatment outcomes.