Featured Projects

  • The Center on Secondary Education for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (CSESA) is a multi-site research and development center that will develop a school- and community-based comprehensive treatment model (CTM) for high school students with ASD and conduct an efficacy study of the impact of the CTM on multiple student outcomes and transition to post-school settings.
  • The purpose of this project is to understand the early development trajectories of an understudied but important group of children: those living in non-urban, poor areas of the country. Critical to our enquiry in this third phase of the project are questions about the ways that rural contexts might accentuate or deflect risk associated with race, poverty, and child characteristics.
  • The mission of the National Implementation Research Network is to contribute to the best practices and science of implementation, organization change, and system reinvention to improve outcomes across the spectrum of human services.
  • Policymakers at both the federal and state levels are calling for increased investments in public pre-k programs, along with the requirement to evaluate these services. In response to these needs, FPG has established the National Pre-K and Early Learning Evaluation Center to help states design, implement, and evaluate pre-k and early learning programs.