UNC Launches New Autism Research Center

Date Published: 08/14/2017

The research center holds great promise for building on our knowledge about biological causes of autism, the range of characteristics of individuals with autism, behavioral interventions to address development and learning needs, and the most effective interventions matched to the needs of individuals with autism.
FPG director Sam Odom, co-chair of the executive committee of the new UNC Autism Research Center

UNC-Chapel Hill has long been one of the world’s premier autism research universities, and now many of its leading research programs will fall under one virtual roof at the UNC Autism Research Center.

FPG director Sam Odom and FPG fellow Joseph Piven, who directs the Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities, co-chair the center's executive committee, which also includes FPG fellows Bryan Boyd and Laura Klinger among its cadre of UNC experts.

The center will accelerate the creation of more effective, personalized treatments and interventions for the millions of people with autism spectrum disorder… read more

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