Resources Within Reason: Resources for Supporting Recommended Practices for Assessment

from "Young Exceptional Children"
Catlett, C.

From the introduction: "'Assessment,' as described in the 2014 DEC Recommended Practices (Division for Early Childhood, 2014), is the process of gathering information to make decisions. Assessment informs intervention and, as a result, is a critical component of services for young children who have or are at risk for developmental delays/disabilities, and their families. In early intervention and early childhood special education, assessment is conducted for the purposes of screening, determining eligibility for services,individualized planning, monitoring child progress, and measuring child outcomes..."

Available here: Young Exceptional Children
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Citation: Catlett, C. (2015). Resources within reason: Resources for supporting recommended practices for assessment. Young Exceptional Children, 18(4), 41-42.
DOI: 10.1177/1096250615617824