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Date Published: 05/23/2017

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Children’s Early Learning Trajectories Depend on the Quality of Learning Before, During, and After Pre-K
A task force lists six consensus statements on what we know about the effects of pre-K... more

Infants and Toddlers with IFSPs Hit 20-Year High
A new graphic from FPG's Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center reveals that the number of Individualized Family Service Plans are at their highest in the last two decades... more

The Incredible Years® Teacher Classroom Management Program Reduces Disruptive Behaviors and Promotes School Readiness
FPG is offering a new authorized workshop for professionals who want to train teachers in this acclaimed evidence-based program for early childhood and elementary classrooms... more

Daily Touchscreen Use in Infants and Toddlers is Associated with Less Sleep
This news and much more are all in latest edition of Baby Talk... more

Higher Levels of Hyperactivity & Inattention in Struggling Readers Means Lower Reading Scores--Especially for Boys
Gender differences may provide insights into the relationship between early literacy development and maladaptive behaviors...

Brief Provides Strategies to Promote Self-Regulation in Adolescents and Young Adults
These guidelines support self-regulation development for 14 to 25-year-olds and specifically address prevention programs and
targeted interventions… more

How Do Acute and Chronic Stress Impact the Development of Self-Regulation?
Evidence shows that stress experienced in childhood and adolescence may lead to physiological changes in the brain and to disruptions in development... more

NEW: Student Motivation and Engagement--Using Research to Inform Practice
This workshop can help increase student engagement and decrease teacher stress... more

Federal Money Flatlines During Sustained Increase in Number of Preschoolers with Disabilities
This graphic from the ECTA Center shows how federal money allocated per child under Section 619 has continued on a downward trend over the past 25 years... more

Free Webinars on High-Quality Inclusion Offer Tips on Access and Participation
These webinars include extra resources and are part of a new series on high-quality inclusion... more

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