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Date Published: 11/14/2017

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Intentional Teaching Makes the Biggest Impact on Early Childhood Outcomes
A new comprehensive review of research shows that the areas with the strongest connection to beneficial results for young children involve what teachers teach and how they teach it... read more

Disabilities Services Newsletter Explores Leadership that Supports High-Quality Inclusion 
This free resource explores the leadership strategies and processes that support inclusion, such as professional and interagency collaboration, systems change, and support for practitioners... read more

Slacker Parents Beware: Your Babies May Follow In Your Footsteps​ 
The November edition of Baby Talk has this story and other news and resources... read more

New Award-Winning Online Instruction Supports Families with Toddlers with Autism
Family Implemented TEACCH for Toddlers (FITT) is a collaborative parent education and support model designed to help families better understand and engage with their toddler with autism spectrum disorder, and this free award-winning module teaches the FITT process and strategies... read more

Multiple Child Care Arrangements Affect Children's Behavioral and Academic Outcomes
New data from the Family Life Project reveal the prevalence and impact of multiple child care arrangements among rural families... read more

New Issue of Faculty Finds Offers Resources on Diversity
The November edition connects readers to information on supporting young children and families who are racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse... read more

38 Elementary School Teams Met to Manage Behavioral Supports in their Schools
This study explores the problems they discussed and what they did about them--and how well they thought their solutions worked... read more

Infographic: Many Preschool Suspensions Are the Result of Adult Behaviors
Thousands of people are downloading the new resources from FPG's Committee on Race, Culture, and Ethnicity, which include this look at how implicit racial biases affect African American students--especially boys... read more

Partnerships for Inclusion Webinar Series Presents "Supporting the Early Childhood Workforce to Implement High Quality Inclusion Practices"
All four webinars from this free series on inclusion are now available... read more

Pioneering Summer School Program Expands as Young Students Make Substantial Gains
For the third consecutive year, young students have benefited significantly from the Family Success Alliance summer enrichment program... read more

Do Parents’ Supportive Reactions to Children's Negative Emotions Promote Children's Social Adjustment?
These findings highlight a need for greater consideration of what "supportiveness" really means... read more

Program for Parents Improves ADHD Behaviors in Young Children
A new study shows that a program that focuses on strengthening parenting skills also improves symptoms of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in 3-8 year-olds... read more

Researchers Show How to Look at Gratitude as a Virtue Rather Than as a Positive Emotion
Considering gratitude as a virtue requires measures different from those which conflate gratitude with appreciation... read more

FPG's AFIRM Autism Team Provides Free Online Instruction on Parent Implemented Interventions
Learn how practitioners can collaborate with, train, and coach parents to implement evidence-based practices with their children throughout daily routines and activities... read more

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