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Date Published: 09/18/2017

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FPG Wins New Grant for the Early Childhood Systems TA Center
Thanks to a new multi-year federal grant, FPG will continue its long tradition of providing state-of-the-art technical assistance to improve services and results for children with disabilities and their families... read more

What's the Consensus on Pre-K in North Carolina?
FPG's Lynne Vernon-Feagans and Duke's Ken Dodge led the discussion for this webinar about pre-K... read more

Free Video Shows Benefits of Supporting Families

This new video highlights how three families with children receiving early intervention have benefited... read more

Can Looking at a Cell Phone While Parenting Adversely Affect Children?

The September edition of Baby Talk takes readers to this story, as well as to other news and resources... read more

Study Explores Continuity of Care and Social-Emotional and Language Development
Researchers looked at children’s social-emotional development during the infant-toddler period and later social-emotional and language outcomes at age 3... read more

FPG Offers Postdoctoral Fellowships that Provide Research Training on Autism
FPG is seeking researchers interested in gaining skills in methodology and scholarship with a focus on special education and related services for children and youth with autism spectrum disorder and their families... read more

This Friday: NCIC-TP Will Hold a Free Regional Workshop in Raleigh, NC
The FPG team will meet with a broad group of stakeholders and technical assistance providers to increase understanding of lessons learned from the implementation evaluation of Triple P... read more & register here

Maps Illustrate State Approaches to Reporting Child and Family Outcomes
These graphics from the ECTA Center show how states are meeting OSEP reporting requirements on outcomes... read more

Many Preschool Suspensions Are the Result of Adult Behaviors
This new infographic shows how implicit racial biases are adversely affecting African American students--especially boys... read more

New Guide Helps Meet the Needs of Students with Autism
This helpful resource includes information on promoting positive social goals, educating peers to avoid bullying, and many other issues... read more

Do Gender and Ethnicity Make a Difference in How Parenting Affects Kids?
A new study says "yes" on both counts... read more

FPG's Autism Team Provides New Free Online Instruction on Naturalistic Intervention

Naturalistic intervention consists of applying principles of applied behavior analysis during a learner’s everyday routines and activities in order to increase a target behavior or decrease an interfering behavior... read more

Reading Aloud to Babies as Early as 6 Months Old Is Magic
The August Baby Talk connects readers to this news and other information... read more

NYC's Administration for Children’s Services Undertakes Pioneering Work
A bold new approach introduced 11 evidence-based and evidence-informed practice models into preventive services... read more

FPG Experts to Speak to Local Policymakers on NC Pre-K
The UNC School of Government is hosting a program on pre-kindergarten in North Carolina, and FPG senior research scientists are among the top experts in the state who will lead the discussion... read more

New Brief Offers Guidance on the Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in Early Childhood Programs
This resource is based on the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U. S. Department of Education's Policy Statement on Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in Early Childhood Programs... read more

Unstable Child Care Can Affect Children by Age 4
Research reveals that disruptions in child care negatively affect children's social development... read more

Classroom Management Strategies Can Decrease Teacher Stress

Registration is open for the Student Motivation and Engagement workshop, which is designed to bring research-based strategies into the classroom... read more & register here

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