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Date Published: 08/14/2017

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UNC Launches New Autism Research Center
UNC-Chapel Hill has long been one of the world’s premier autism research universities, and now many of its leading research programs will fall under one virtual roof at the UNC Autism Research Center... read more

Four Best Practices Facilitate Scaling Up Effective Innovations
These tried and true strategies help scale up human services innovations and programs for children and families... read more

Which Babies Are at Higher Risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome?
The new Baby Talk connects readers to this story and other resources... read more

FPG's Free Guide for Igniting Young Children's Communication Skills Reaches Another Milestone
This past month the reader-friendly, research-based guide reached its 200,000th user... read more

iPads Help Students with Disabilities Participate in Phonics Instruction
Researchers have created a phonics-based reading curriculum on iPads for students with developmental disabilities who are unable to verbally participate in traditional phonics instruction due to their use of augmentative and assistive communication... read more

Peer Support Improves Complex Health Behaviors in Disease Prevention and Management
A review of dozens of studies determined that across diverse settings, including under-resourced countries and health care systems, Peer Support is effective... read more

FPG's Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center Releases its August Edition of eNotes
Among the topics are "Welcoming a Child with a Disability" and "Addressing Health Disparities in Early Childhood"... read more

New Free Online Instruction from FPG’s AFIRM Autism Team Is Now Available on Differential Reinforcement
This intervention reduces the occurrence of aggression, self-injury, stereotypic behavior, and other interfering behaviors… read more

Classroom Management Strategies Also Can Decrease Teacher Stress
Registration is open for the Student Motivation and Engagement workshop, which is designed to bring research-based strategies into the classroom... read more

FPG's National Implementation Research Network Co-Publishes Skills and Competencies for Implementation Specialists
For the first time, the field of implementation science has a defined set of skills and competencies for building a professional workforce to support the use of evidence in practice and policy settings... read more

Is a History of Using Medications for ADHD in Childhood Associated with Differences in Adult Height?
This long-term study of children into adulthood also examined whether ADHD medications alleviated symptoms... read more

Parent Strategies Can Help Toddlers Learn Self-Control
The August issue of Baby Talk links to 10 family ideas for calming toddler tantrums... read more

Free Webinar Explores Collaboration with Families and Other Partners for High Quality Inclusion
FPG's Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center has archived the 3rd webinar in a new series on inclusion... read more

Racial Equity Matters: Here's Why
This infographic begins to address how we can achieve racial equity, and an accompanying handout also explains more about it... read more
Unstable Child Care Can Affect Children by Age 4
In case you missed it: research reveals that disruptions in child care negatively affect children’s social development... read more

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