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Implementing Evidence-Based Practices in Early Childhood Classroom Settings

Boyd, B. A., Kucharczyk, S., & Wong, C.
from "Handbook of Early Childhood Special Education"

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From the abstract:The accountability movement in educational policy and practice has ushered in the era of evidence-based practice. However, educators’ adoption, use, and sustained implementation of evidence-based practices in classroom settings have proven elusive at best. The field of implementation science is contributing to our collective understanding of how to support evidence-based practice implementation in authentic settings, including classrooms. This chapter then explores three fundamental questions related to evidence-based practice implementation in early childhood special education classrooms: (1) What makes evidence-based practice implementation difficult; (2) what facilitates evidence-based practice implementation; and (3) how does a provider make an informed decision about which evidence-based practice(s) to use with an individual child? Finally, we conclude with a brief discussion of other fields of study that could contribute to the knowledge base on evidence-based practice use in classroom settings."

About Handbook of Early Childhood Special Education: "This handbook discusses early childhood special education (ECSE), with particular focus on evidence-based practices. Coverage spans core intervention areas in ECSE, such as literacy, motor skills, and social development as well as diverse contexts for services, including speech-language pathology, physical therapy, and pediatrics. Contributors offer strategies for planning, implementing, modifying, and adapting interventions to help young learners extend their benefits into the higher grades. Concluding chapters emphasize the importance of research in driving evidence-based practices (EBP)..." read more

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Boyd, B. A., Kucharczyk, S., & Wong, C. (2016). Implementing evidence-based practices in early childhood classroom settings. In B. Reichow, B. Boyd, E. Barton, & S. Odom (Eds.), Handbook of early childhood special education (pp. 335-347). Cham, Switzerland: Springer.