About Us

More than five decades ago, the UNC Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute (FPG) was founded by a small group of scientists with a shared vision: to conduct research that would make a difference in children's lives, support families, and inform public policy. Since its inception, FPG has recognized that every child deserves a safe, healthy, and stimulating childhood; and our work has been dedicated to making this experience a reality for all children. Our research and evaluation, implementation, technical assistance, and outreach have all shaped—and continue to shape—how the nation cares for and educates children.

We are committed to sharing the information we generate with the public and to supporting professionals' understanding and use of evidence-based practices. Like other top-tier research organizations, our work is published in the most respected journals in our field. What sets us apart is our effort to ensure that parents, educators, and other professionals who support children and families benefit from our work in a timely manner. FPG's dedication to both research and outreach is embodied in our motto: Advancing knowledge to transform children's lives.

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What We Do

Our work includes interdisciplinary collaborations with schools and units at UNC-Chapel Hill and with community-based partners. It encompasses research and evaluation, implementation, technical assistance, and policy.

Who We Are

A community of scholars, scientists, and specialists dedicated to helping each child succeed:

  • 74 scientists and specialists
  • 45 faculty fellows
  • 115 staff, graduate student research assistants and postdoctoral trainees, and research associates
  • Dozens more affiliates and partners at UNC and beyond

Who We Help

  • Children and families
  • Teachers and service providers
  • Schools and programs
  • National, state, and local agencies
  • Policymakers and program administrators
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