five young children running in park
March 1, 2021
When it comes to developing programs that truly help children and families, it often begins with a "what." For partners of FPG, the "what" is often better outcomes for children and families. That's where the "how" comes in, says Oscar Fleming, DrPH, and that's why successful programs call on implementation specialists, like those at FPG's NIRN.
composite photo of karen carmody, antoinette landor, jamie hanson, and Leah Richmond-Rakerd
February 23, 2021
In their own words, former trainees share their experiences with the Carolina Consortium on Human Development (CCHD) and how it helped them start meaningful careers in human development.
young girl and boy using building shapes at small table in classroom
February 22, 2021
FPG's North Carolina Early Learning Network (NC-ELN) is one of only two programs nationwide to be selected for the Implementation Coaching to Advance Equity in Pyramid: TA Partnership from the National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations (NCPMI).
two male and one female grad students sitting on college campus bench with trees in background
February 22, 2021
FPG's Implementation Division is seeking up to three graduate students to join its summer internship program in 2021. The program is designed to create a challenging and meaningful professional experience for the trainee that includes mentoring, networking, professional development, and experiential learning opportunities.