Snapshot 62

Enhancing Teaching Practices to Improve Language and Literacy Skills for Latino Dual-Language Learners
FPG Child Development Institute
November, 2010

Early childhood is a critical time in the development of all children, but Latino children may also face the added challenge of developing language and literacy skills in an entirely new language. To complicate matters, many early childhood teachers are generally unprepared to effectively educate children who are dual language learners (DLLs). Although these challenges are evident every day in classrooms across the United States, little is known about the effects of early care and education on DLLs and about how best to support teachers who are not prepared to work with this rapidly growing population.

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Citation: Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute. (2010, November). Enhancing teaching practices to improve language and literacy skills for Latino dual-language learners (Snapshot No. 62). Chapel Hill, NC: Author.