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Our Donors

Each year we receive gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations that make our life-changing work on behalf of children and families possible. We are grateful and proud to recognize each of these donors as a member of the FPG community.

If you would like to make a gift to FPG and see your name on this list next year, please visit the Support Us page.

2019-2020 Donor Honor Roll

Gifts to FPG between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020

Mr. Jeffery A. Alpi *
Dr. Aysenil Belger Arcasoy and Dr. Murat Osman Arcasoy * #
Mr. Curtis Yates Arledge and Ms. Diane Sessa Arledge *
Ms. Betsy C. Ayankoya and Mr. Taiwo A. Ayankoya
Mrs. Ann Urquhart Bell and Mr. Steven Lenehan Bell Jr.
Dr. Karen Bluth
Dr. Brian A. Boyd
Ms. L. Ellen Bradley and Mr. Brian G. Ivey
Dr. Elizabeth Pungello Bruno and Mr. Dario Bruno *
Dr. Donna M. Bryant and Mr. Donald McIver Stanford Jr. *
Dr. Glenn H. Buck
Dr. Charles Bennett Cairns and Dr. Monica Kraft * !
Dr. Frances Alexander Campbell and Dr. B. J. Campbell
Ms. Peggy Cook Carter !
Ms. Alyssa Cataldi
Ms. Emily Cataldi and Mr. Chris Diehl
Mr. William Polk Cheshire and Ms. Judith Ann Keel Tunstall * !
Ms. Julie Jiwon Chin
Dr. Richard Marcellus Clifford and Mrs. Virginia Varner Clifford *
Dr. Mary Ruth Blackwell Coleman and Dr. Philip Divoll Coleman * !
Ms. Laura Lee Connell
Ms. Regina Adams Craven
Mr. Joseph Charles Dougherty
Ms. Elizabeth M. B. Downs
Ms. Jennifer Lynn Dykes
Dr. Jessica R. Dykstra Steinbrenner
Ms. Tandra Ericson and Mr. Peter Ericson
Ms. Josie Elizabeth Ferraris
Mr. William Oscar Fleming and Mr. William George Lang IV
Ms. Sherry Franklin
Mr. Paul Fulton
Mrs. Gertrude C. Gallagher !
Dr. Sean Gallagher and Mrs. Nancie S. Gallagher * !
Dr. Shelagh Ann Gallagher
Mr. Kevin C. Gallagher and Dr. Peggy Lee Ahrenhold Gallagher
Mr. LaDaniel Gatling II
Ms. Amy Geil
Ms. Wendy Dianne Golden
Mrs. Karen Cox Gray and Mr. James C. Gray Jr.
Dr. Tracey A. West and Mr. Robert W. Hart
Dr. Ronald Thayer Haskins and Ms. Susann Hutaff Haskins *
Dr. Adam Lloyd Holland and Ms. Lindsay Wicks Holland #
Dr. Heather Horn
Ms. Pamela Howell
Dr. Olson Huff
Ms. Marie McCullough Huff and Mr. Thomas Huff Jr.

Dr. Kara A. Hume
Mr. Reynolds James Ivins and Ms. Sally Scaringelli Ivins
Dr. Robert Howard Jenkins and Ms. Debbie B. Jenkins
Ms. Naomi Karp
Mr. Jonathan Gregory Lauterer and Dr. Lynne Vernon Feagans *
Dr. Marvin William Lee Jr. and Dr. Clare Melanie Schuele
Dr. Chih-Ing Lim
Dr. Nancy Marimon Martin
Mr. Max D. Mayhew
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Mayo
Ms. Meghan McQuellon McCandless and Dr. Greg Richard McCandless
Ms. Priscilla Mansfield McDowell and Mr. Dante Perron McDowell
Dr. James Donald McKinney and Dr. Anne McDougald Hocutt
Mr. Marvin H. McKinney *
Dr. Gary B. Mesibov and Mrs. Laurie L. Mesibov !
Mr. Jack Saslavsky Miller
Ms. Evelyn K. Moore
Mr. Duncan Edward Munn and Ms. Marsha Upton Munn
Ms. Katherine Fordham Neer and Mr. Jeffery King Neer
Mrs. Melissa R. Newsome
Ms. Erica L. Nouri
Dr. Samuel L. Odom and Dr. Laura J. Hall
Ms. Judith L. Owen #
Professor James M. Perrin *
Ms. Karen Wall Ponder and Mr. Wade Harris Ponder *
Dr. LeShawndra Nyrae Price
Mr. William Tharp Reynolds and Ms. Connice Bavely Reynolds
Mrs. Stephanie M. Ridley and Dr. David Blaine Ridley ! #
Dr. Susan Leslie Rosenthal
Ms. Andrea J. Ross
Dr. Michael Arthur Ross and Dr. Hildy Strashin Ross
Estate of Mr. John E. Rucker *
Ms. Susan Dana Russell and Dr. Thomas Robert Konrad
Ms. Jacqueline Russo-Campisi #
Dr. Ann Margaret Sam
Ms. Laura Noelle Schoedler #
Ms. Evelyn Foard Shaw
Mr. David Swan and Dr. Andrea Lynn Swan
Dr. Margaret Mary Swingler
Ms. Donna S. Trohanis
Mrs. Gwen Griffin Van Ark and Mr. Jonathan M. Van Ark
Dr. Ina F. Wallace
Dr. Barbara Hanna Wasik and Mr. John Wasik *
Dr. Tracey A. West and Mr. Robert W. Hart
Dr. Noreen Marie Yazejian and Mr. Paul Kirschten Yazejian #
Mr. Zachary Gabriel Zlatev #


* Director's Circle donors contribute $1,000 or more annually to FPG.
! Champions make consistent annual contributions to FPG—these donors have contributed for at least the past five consecutive years.
# Sustainers make recurring monthly contributions to FPG.