FPG Director Sam Odom's Statement on Immigration Policy

Date Published: 02/28/2017

In this era of “fake news” and “alternative facts,” science can reliably inform policy. Child development research advises that a sense of security provided by family and community is fundamental, that socially insecure environments and circumstances can lead to toxic levels of stress, which, in turn, can affect brain architecture and social-emotional development, and that healthy attitudes toward others are built through a history of positive interactions rather than establishing walls of separation.

In U.S. society, our families face political and personal travel restrictions, deportations of mothers and fathers who have lived here since childhood, and implicit attitudes we often do not perceive or acknowledge that hinder the inclusion and acceptance of all children. In this tumultuous time for many children and families, I reiterate FPG’s policy of tolerance, acceptance, and inclusion. We remain open to a wide range of perspectives, and we remain committed to the work of supporting all children and families, regardless of how they have arrived at our doorstep.

Sam Odom, director
Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill