Project to Provide Training and Technical Assistance to Long-Term Foster Care Grantees

The purpose of the project is to: 1) provide training and technical assistance to Long-Term Foster Care (LTFC) Grants in planning and implementing their innovative intervention strategy(ies) aimed at reducing the time in out-of-home care for long waiting children engaged in the child welfare system; and 2) identify, collect, develop and/or adapt products, tools, and resources in the areas of organizational and systems change and implementation that will help grantees effectively undertake major implementation activities. The National Implementation Research Network (NIRN) at the FPG Child Development Institute will participate in several key tasks including: 1) reviewing pertinent materials related to the initiative to reduce long-term foster care; 2) providing training to LTFC grantees; 3) providing technical assistance to LTFC grantees; 4) identifying, collecting, developing and adapting products, tools and resources; and 6) participating in dissemination activities. An external evaluation will also be conducted. 

FPG Project Staff:
Allison J. Metz, Principal Investigator
Funding Agency: JBS International Inc.
Funding Period: 09/30/2010 - 09/29/2013
Award Amount: $1,057,410