Why Storytelling Skills Matter for African-American Kids

an invited article for "The Conversation"
Nicole Gardner-Neblett
September, 2015

Excerpt: "The ability to tell a coherent and well-developed narrative may be important for children’s literacy development. However, most of the studies on children’s storytelling and reading skills have been conducted with samples of middle-class white children. To address this gap in the research, my colleague Iheoma Iruka and I studied data of children from different socioeconomic and racial/ethnic groups from across the United States. What we found surprised us..." 

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Available here: The Conversation
Citation: Garnder-Neblett, N. (2015, September 16). Why storytelling skills matter for African-American kids. The Conversation. Retrieved from http://theconversation.com/why-storytelling-skills-matter-for-african-american-kids-46844