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Advancing Leadership and Implementation Teams for a System of Support for Effective Implementation in Sacramento Child Protective Services

Area(s) of Work: Child Welfare

Achieving the benefits of an innovation in practice relies on bringing the full and intended experience of the innovation to children and families. Doing so requires an organization to develop and sustain key implementation capacities within dynamic organizational and systems contexts and to learn from, problem-solve, and improve ongoing implementation processes while underway. Purposeful implementation teaming infrastructures and activities strengthen the resources and abilities of people and organizations to deliver and support the use of effective practice strategies as intended.

Since 2016, Sacramento County Child Protective Services (CPS), in partnership with other technical assistance providers (including Casey Family Programs and FPG), has been working to ensure the impact of the California Child Welfare Core Practice Model and integrated initiatives to improve outcomes for children and families. Their success, in part, is dependent on how the system organizes and aligns itself to support their implementation. The FPG Team has worked with Executive Leadership and Management Teams (ELT and EMT) to define and operationalize their specific and dedicated time and roles for coming together to attend to the day-to-day and ongoing leadership and management activities necessary for effective implementation.

The proposed aims of the current project, building from current strengths and progress, are to support CPS to operationalize an Implementation Team (IT), their development of 2019 Strategic Implementation Plan, and assist the ELT to support the EMT in both installing the IT and ensuring capacity for its sustained functioning. Dr. Boothroyd will carry out implementation support activities through a combination of onsite, distance/virtual, conference call, and other methods. First, Dr. Boothroyd will facilitate orientation of CPS’ newly formed IT and its integration into CPS’ current organizational change context. Next, quarterly site visits will focus on full-day workshops with the ELT and IT together to continue building and improving strategic linkages for effective implementation infrastructure and capacities (topics and experiential activities to be co-designed). In between (monthly, virtually), Dr. Boothroyd will provided behavioral coaching with the ELT (particularly focused on strengthening their linked and functional roles to support the IT) and the IT (linkages and coordination with the ELT and EMT). Dr. Boothroyd will also participate in monthly planning, coordination, and debrief calls and other communications among CFP, Sacramento County Child Protective Services (CPS) leadership, and other TA consultants to inform ongoing coaching and support for implementation capacity development of the organization.


Funding Agency:  

Casey Family Programs

Funding Period:  

03/01/2019 to 12/31/2019

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Renée I. Boothroyd, Principal Investigator