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ChildFund International (Organizational Capacity)

ChildFund's strategic plan places an emphasis on program quality. ChildFund's program approach defines the management, operational, and technical capacities needed to achieve high program quality. While ChildFund has a history of designing and implementing child development programs, ChildFund experiences a variance in the quality of program implementation across its development programs. ChildFund's current program portfolio encompasses a range of community-based programs supported by paid staff, local non-governmental and community based organizations, and community volunteers, especially children and youth. ChildFund desires to strengthen its capacity to effectively implement early and middle childhood youth programs by infusing the science and practice of implementation into ChildFund's program approach and program offers to achieve goals set within its corporate strategic plan.

The NIRN and ChildFund partnership will endeavor to achieve four broad objectives:

  • Understand and develop the competency to apply implementation science within ChildFund;
  • Enhance the knowledge and understanding among ChildFund leadership and staff to support the development and implementation of the organization's Program Approach, building upon and referencing the existing evidence base and ChildFund's unique strategy and assets;
  • Enhance program quality through the development of focused "transformation zones" in critical operational areas that incorporate multiple layers of the organizational management structure, creating opportunities for utilization of implementation science in diverse contexts, including resource constrained settings; and
  • Advance the evidence base and state of knowledge utilizing a documentation process and stage-based evaluation process that partners can use with relevance to the wider international community. 


Funding Agency:  

ChildFund International

Funding Period:  

09/01/2010 to 06/30/2011

Award Amount: