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Community Health Inclusion Index Project

The North Carolina Office on Disability and Health is collaborating with the University of Alabama-Birmingham, Department of Health Promotion and Rehabilitation Science, and the University of Illinois-Chicago for the development of a Community Health Inclusion Index. Such an index is needed because the instruments currently being used to measure physical activity and healthy eating resources at the community level have not been designed to capture the needs of people with disabilities. As a result, the strategies being formulated to build healthy communities do not represent the needs of people with disabilities. An instrument that measures a community’s healthy living resources must be a comprehensive tool that is convenient, portable and accessible to any community, large or small, and represent the needs of all members of that community. This project will provide communities with the ability to measure how well they support healthy, active living for all members of the community, including people with disabilities. The intent is to develop a valid and reliable instrument that can be used to measure healthy, active living resources at either the community level, or for the targeted settings that define a community including schools, recreation facilities, health care sites, workplaces and food environments (grocery and restaurants). The impacts of the CHII will be seen in the short term by creating awareness and knowledge that people with disabilities should be part of all future community health transformation initiatives across the U.S.; in the intermediate term through increased access to physical activity and healthy eating resources; and in the long term through a reduction in the risk of obesity and other chronic health conditions.


Funding Agency:  

University of Illinois at Chicago

Funding Period:  

08/22/2011 to 08/21/2013

Award Amount: