Educare Follow-up Studies

The goal of this project is to conduct follow-up studies of Educare graduates as they enter kindergarten and progress through the early elementary years. A team at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute will coordinate and support the Educare local evaluators as they launch new follow-up studies or expand existing follow-up study efforts in 8-12 U.S. cities where there is an Educare school. This 3-year project will gather data on at least 3 years of Educare graduates and, in some sites, data from their parents as well.

FPG Project Staff:
Noreen M. Yazejian, Principal Investigator
Donna M. Bryant, Co-Principal Investigator
Gisele M. Crawford, Social Research Specialist
David M. Gardner, Applications Specialist
Kalen Grosskopf, Research Assistant
Keil D. Jones, Applications Specialist Programmer
Diane R. Webster, Social Research Specialist
Funding Agency: Buffett Early Childhood Fund
Funding Period: 03/01/2015 - 12/31/2021
Award Amount: $1,712,932
For more information, please contact: