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Educare School-Family Partnership Justice Project

The overall purpose of this project is to conduct a pilot study examining the impact of Family Engagement Specialists' (FES) beliefs and attitudes (e.g., bias) on their engagement with families. We will pursue three specific aims: (1) determine associations between family engagement specialists' beliefs and attitudes on their interactions and relationships with families; (2) examine how FES' beliefs and attitudes are linked to parents' behaviors and children's outcomes; and (3) conduct a landscape analysis of programming and resources focused on strengthening FES' positive beliefs and attitudes towards parents and strengthening the parent-FES relationship.


Funding Agency:  

Buffett Early Childhood Fund

Funding Period:  

10/01/2020 to 06/30/2024

Award Amount:  



Iheoma U. Iruka, Principal Investigator
Laura J. Kuhn, Advanced Research Scientist
Adis Liy, Research Coordinator