Employment Instability and Food Insecurity of Rural North Carolinians During the Recession

This study used secondary data from the longitudinal Family Life Project, a unique sample of families from low-wealth rural counties in North Carolina, to examine how the economic downturn impacted parents' work characteristics in the rural South and how those conditions are related to economic strain, food insecurity, and public assistance program participation, including food assistance programs, and what supports may buffer these experiences. There is a comparative dearth of information available on poverty in rural areas, largely due to the challenges associated with conducting research in rural settings. However, it is critical to address these issues because of the disproportionate rates of poverty and the limited access to services. This study was funded by the USDA/Economic Research Service’s Research Innovation and Development Grants in Economics (RIDGE) Program through the Southern Rural Development Center at Mississippi State University.

FPG Project Staff:
Allison C. De Marco, Principal Investigator
Funding Agency: Mississippi State University
Funding Period: 06/01/2011 - 12/31/2012
Award Amount: $35,000