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FirstSchool Nevada Partnership

FPG’s FirstSchool team will collaborate with Turning Point, Inc., to provide services to the State of Nevada under RFP 2108, “Nevada Ready – B-3.” FirstSchool will support the development of practices and systems for using data to promote effective P–3 learning communities. Liaisons and leadership team members from the pilot school communities will gain proficiency in sharing with colleagues the research underlying the FirstSchool cultures of Caring, Competence, and Excellence. Based on this information and corresponding classroom data, they will identify changes they want to make to their practices, develop the culture of collaborative inquiry in their communities, and support teachers to elevate the level of their teaching and to see children as capable of greater autonomy and collaboration.


Funding Agency:  

Turning Point, Inc.

Funding Period:  

12/01/2016 to 06/30/2019

Award Amount:  



Gisele M. Crawford, Social Research Specialist
Barbara M. Lowery, Program Assistant