A Gathering of Leaders (AgoL)

FPG served as the coordinating body for A Gathering of Leaders (AgoL) 2013, held from June 18-20 in Detroit, MI. This invitation-only convening brought together dynamic leaders from different sectors, perspectives, and approaches focused on improving the life outcomes of males of color. Given its body of work on Promoting Academic Success of Boys of Color ages 3-10, FPG was very pleased to be granted this opportunity, and our commitment to this issue is clear.

AgoL has the following overarching goals:

  1. Creating a space for field leaders to be able to articulate to one another the nature, status, and vision for their work with males of color;
  2. Identifying shared success strategies and challenges, as well as opportunities for collaboration;
  3. Discussing the ways to navigate and reduce the gaps between sectors (policy, practice, scholarship, media, etc.) and the implications for the strength of the males of color field; and
  4. Exploring potential venues to stay connected, share best practices, and mobilize resources. 
FPG Project Staff:
Donna-Marie C. Winn, Principal Investigator
Toniann Glatz, Research Assistant
Funding Agency: The California Endowment
Funding Period: 03/15/2013 - 06/30/2013
Award Amount: $15,000
Funding Agency: Open Society Institute
Funding Period: 10/31/2013 - 11/01/2015
Award Amount: $34,000