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National Implementation Science Research Network's Active Implementation Model

NIC staff will be trained broadly on the fundamentals of implementation science, to include but not be limited to, the development of implementation teams, stages, drivers, improvement cycles, scaling procedures, and capacity and implementation measures. At the same time, NIC will work in collaboration with NIRN to inform them of best practices in the field of corrections as wells as the common barriers to successful implementation in the field of corrections. Additionally, the learned concepts and procedures of implementation science will be applied to NIC' s cognitive-behavioral Core Correctional Intervention program prior to its external delivery to the field of corrections. While the research and practice of implementation science are informed mostly through the application of its key concepts in education, NIC believes it has great potential to contribute to the field of corrections. Given that NIRN does not have the requisite knowledge or experience in corrections, this cooperative agreement will require a close working relationship and interchange of ideas in order to educate both parties. NIC's executive leaders and staff will exchange information with NIRN on the common barriers to implementation in corrections, and the realities of introducing new program and initiatives in the context of correctional facilities and agencies. Meanwhile, NIRN will take their knowledge gleaned from their experience in education and other contexts with the Active Implementation Model, and consult with NIC on how best to tailor the methods and approaches to the field of corrections.


Funding Agency:  

U.S. Department of Justice

Funding Period:  

09/15/2016 to 09/14/2017

Award Amount: