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Deepening Supports for Teens With Autism

Hall, L. J., & Odom, S. L.

From the abstract: "Are high schools doing enough to assist teens with autism both in school and after they transition to life beyond school? Historically, these students have struggled when transitioning to life after high school. More than any other disability group, students with autism have been unable to find and keep jobs or go on to community college or university programs and have difficulties making friends or being involved in social activities in the community. The Center on Secondary Education for Students with Autism (CSESA), funded by the Institute of Education Sciences, has designed a comprehensive treatment program for high school students with autism, and the resources are available online for free. This piece discusses some of the major challenges for students with autism spectrum disorder and how high schools can help these students."


Hall, L. J., & Odom, S. L. (2019). Deepening supports for teens with autism. Educational Leadership, 76(8).