The Active Implementation Hub

National Implementation Research Network & State Implementation and Scaling-up of Evidenced-based Practices Center

The Active Implementation Hub is a free, online learning environment for use by any stakeholder involved in active implementation and scaling up of programs and innovations. The site goal is to increase the knowledge and improve the performance of persons engaged in actively implementing any program or practice.

Online Learning includes:

  • Modules and Lessons - internet based training on active implementation, including content, activities and assessments, designed to be self-paced or blended with in pre-service or in-service training
  • Resource Library - searchable, just-in-time active implementation resources and tools (e.g., planning tools, handouts and video clips)
  • Workgroups - shared, online work spaces for online learning, collaboration and applying active implementation knowledge to practice
  • Short Courses - interactive online short courses including content, practice and assessment components that last about an hour.

While AI Modules and Lessons offer activities well-suited for many human service fields, the site currently focuses on active implementation and scaling up in the field of education. Most e-learning content is appropriate for implementation teams, implementation specialists, administrators, and technical assistance/professional development providers at any level in a system (e.g., district, region, state, national).

The AI Hub is developed and maintained by the State Implementation and Scaling-up of Evidence-based Practices Center (SISEP) and the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN). Content is added and updated regularly. For more information, contact

Available here: The AI Hub
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