Autism at-a-Glance: Exercise for Adolescents With ASD

Verstrat, A., & Hedges, S.
March, 2015

This Autism at-a-Glance was designed to support high school staff and family members in understanding the benefits of exercise for adolescents on the autism spectrum, as well as provide tips and resources to help create successful exercise routines.

Autism at-a-Glance is designed for high school staff members supporting students on the autism spectrum, as well as family members of adolescents on the autism spectrum. Autism at-a-Glance provides a current summary of topics relevant to high school students on the autism spectrum as well as practical tips and resources for school and community personnel and family members.

Available here: Autism at-a-Glance
Citation: Verstrat, A., & Hedges, S. (2015, March). Exercise for adolescents with ASD (Autism at-a-Glance Brief). Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina, Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, CSESA Development Team.