Circumscribed Interests in Autism: Are There Sex Differences?

Nowell, S. W., Jones, D. R., & Harrop, C.

From the abstract: "Sex differences in circumscribed interests (CI) may delay diagnosis for females with autism spectrum disorder (ASD); therefore, it is important to characterize sex differences in CI to determine if differential approaches to diagnostic assessment are warranted for females with ASD. The purpose of this paper is to examine sex differences in parent-reported quantity, content and functional impairment of children’s interests."

Available here: Advances in Autism
Citation: Nowell, S. W., Jones, D. R., & Harrop, C. (2019). Circumscribed interests in autism: Are there sex differences? Advances in Autism, 5(3), 187-198.
DOI: 10.1108/AIA-09-2018-0032