Continuous Improvement as an Ideal for Improving Teaching and Teaching Evaluation

Kainz, K., Cohen-Vogel, L., & Harrison, C.
April, 2015

Excerpt (from American School Board Journal):
"In 1989 Donald Berwick published a seminal article that sparked an improvement revolution in healthcare. In his article entitled Continuous Quality Improvement: An Ideal for Healthcare, Berwick contrasted two very different reform strategies. The first reform strategy, widely used in healthcare at the time, focused on inspection as a means to quality improvement. Managers were responsible for inspecting quality in the workplace. Results of inspections were made public for the purpose of coercing improvement. Reform leaders dedicated themselves to developing better and more precise instruments for inspecting performanc­­e quality. The ultimate goal of inspection was to identify and eliminate workers in the bottom tail of the quality distribution, otherwise known as bad apples..."

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Citation: Kainz, K., Cohen-Vogel, L., & Harrison, C. (2015, April). Continuous improvement as an ideal for teaching and teacher evaluation. American School Board Journal. Retrieved from