Early Learning Observation & Rating Scale: Whole Class Form

Coleman, M. R., West, T., & Gillis, M.

The purpose of the Early Learning Observation Rating Scale (ELORS) is to help teachers and parents gather and share information about young children with specific attention to characteristics that might be early signs of learning disabilities. The ELORS allows teachers and parents to reflect systematically on their concerns and helps them recognize if the child would benefit from additional support.

The ELORS is intended for use with four-year-old children in the year before kindergarten. The systematic and strategic observations will enable teachers and parents to gather information about children across developmental domains, determine levels of concern about children’s overall learning progress and their growth in specific areas of learning and behavior, and recognize children who might benefit from additional support for learning. The process and the results will inform communication and planning among parents, school personnel, and others.

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Citation: Coleman, M. R., West, T., & Gillis, M. (2010). Early learning observation & rating scale: Whole class form. New York, NY: National Center for Learning Disabilities.